I Cunt Take It Anymore!

by Clit Fit

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released December 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Clit Fit Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Back Door Boss
Serving tongue is no fun
Backdoor boss on the run
While his family sits
In the fucking sun
Carne asada my ass
Serving shit that licks the grass
Wages withheld for months
Kiss my ass you lazy cunt!

All my time
All my time
All the fucking time!

Hourly worth isn't much
While bosses wife is a lush
Lying right to your face
Chicken juice on vegans plates
See his bald ass running
As you try and claim your pay

Backdoor boss on the run
I am poor as piss cuz of your shit
Slave labor don't pay
Soon we'll have our day

Climbing trees I'll tear these khakis
I will get so high till I feel free
Money ain't worth this shit
I'm taking the crew when I split

Track Name: False Idols
In the days of the Crusades
Women were burned at the cross
To put the fear of men and God
Into our Hearts

Those of us that could
Fought these evil swine
Freeing all their slaves
And burning down their shrines

Gathering the covens
Raining down our spells
Stopping any mortal heart
Where false idols dwell

We will burn them all
To the ground
To the ground

You should be afraid
No cross can keep you safe
The time has come for you
To reap what you've sown
Can you sink or float
Face down in your moat
Bleeding all the midwives dry
Afraid of their power
You should be afraid
No cross can keep you safe
Track Name: Irrational Fears
I hate pickles cuz they're bumpy and green
They smell like piss and I don't want them anywhere
Near my fucking sandwich
You don't have to get it or ask me why
I just want all pickles to die

I traced my hand up on the wall
Just to see how small
Even got them tattooed to keep track
Of how much they're shrinking soon nothing left

Of all these things I am afraid
One day they might drive me infuckingsane
Irrational fears I've got them for days
I put a mark up to see how tall
Irrational fears Irrational fears

A pack of wild birds flew at my face
Shit my pants and ran away
Seagulls, Grackles they're all the same
If you give them breadcrumbs I'll end your day!
Track Name: Pirates Plunder
Lightning thunder lightning thunder
Pirates plunder pirates plunder
Electricity in my delight
Dark and stormy dark and stormy
Brighten up this night

Poseidons pissed you won't be missed
Waves of blue and now your through

Beards and knives win the fight
Chest of jewels, cheaply sold
Walk the plank or give up gold

Taking over taking over
Cannons loaded
Taking over taking over
Dropping anchor
Taking over taking over
Blades unsheathed
Taking over taking over
Join our crew or meet the deep

Were all grown up we don't give a fuck
Taking what we want
FInd us near you won't believe in lucj
Climbing aboard your ship
And taking all your shit

Swinging onto your deck
Hammocks warming you for death
Thor lends his power to seize you in your darkest hour
Mermaids raid your bones once you've reached the oceans stones
No one cares now she's claimed you for her own
Track Name: You Suffer (Napalm Death Cover)
You Suffer!!!!
Track Name: Sound the Alarm
Sound the alarm
We can't seem to stop aging
All these full grown kids
Just got so complacent
All the open minds are hidden in the basement
Well so what, we never gave a fuck
I put one hand out for anything
But we refuse to live out our dreams

Holy shit holy shit
How many birthdays did I miss
How many days did I live
That don't seem to exist
I said fuck you, you said it too
What a nice way to remember you
No work no school
Just to drive around the world


We've got time to kill
A sentiment of thrill
And just enough for one pint of your worst
But it's what we got, we take it in stride
And boy have we had some fun fucking times

Hour glass to the back I remember perfectly
Just enough strength to say you will get away
You will say fuck you boss I quit anyway

Track Name: Burt Reynold's Mustache
Burt Reynolds mustache came in a dream
Told me not to shave a goddamn thing
Razors, creams, silky smooth legs
Fuck that shit I've got a bush 'tween my legs

Yet my head is shaved nice and tight
Cuz I like it when I ride my bike
The razor won't go below my neck
Cuz I have a beard below deck

Money wasted on beauty supplies
Doll yourself up so noone looks inside
Blood intestines where's your brain
This pictures not one I'd hold in any frame

Jezebel with legs shut tight
Why paint the outside when inside your hollow
Try and free your mind and the rest will follow

Pubes stuck in your teeth once
Once you've tasted my meat
Going downs like flossing for a fucking week

Ursus bear goddess